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General tips for maintaining your WordPress website

Managing a website on your own can be a frustrating task for non-developers...and by non-developers we mean everyday folks who run their own business and manage their own website to keep costs at a minimum. Applying a WordPress update or making a change to some code could potentially break your site apart...yikes! We've had numerous Themeforest customers over the years who use our themes complain about their website not loading properly...or the design broke...or something stopped working - you get the picture.

Github account is now live!

Micro Themes is now Github and we're rocking some free WordPress plug-ins for you guys. Need to create presentations in WordPress? Then grab Premium Presentations. Or maybe you need to sell items or collect donations...then grab Premium PayPal Manager. Or maybe...just maybe....you need to post up some social media posts on your website? then go ahead and grab Easy Social Stream.

All Micro Themes products now accessible with a monthly subscription!

It's July 2nd and the start of a new era for Micro Themes. Until recently we've been selling our premium WordPress themes and plug-ins on a licensing basis but we've now switched to a subscription based service. All of our products are now accessible with an active Micro Themes subscription starting at just $12.99/mo. That's right, you get access to over $50,000 worth of themes and plug-ins for a low monthly fee. Our monthly subscription plan also includes access to different levels of support - for a description of what each plan offers please visit our subscriptions page.

How to add a custom post filter in WordPress

In our latest theme, Pro-Cast, we added several post filter menus throughout our theme to make it easy to filter through native WordPress posts and custom post type posts. For our Pro-Cast theme we created a Reviews post type and a Videos post type and we wanted the end user to be able to filter […]

Micro Themes is now on Facebook!

We just launched our new Facebook page over the weekend and to celebrate we are giving our customers a 15% Facebook discount until May 1st, 2017. Head on over to our Facebook page, give us a like, and get your 15% discount code. And just to add icing to the cake you can also combine […]

Increase site speed with several server compression techniques

WordPress can be a dreadfully slow CMS – anyone who works with WordPress or any CMS system can tell you that. The more code you pack into a theme and the more plug-ins you load will only make things worse. But there are ways to increase the speed of your site by leveraging certain server […]

Why you should secure your WordPress website with SSL

Well after a long hiatus we’re finally back on the blogging scene and being that is our first article since January we thought we would start off discussing website security. You may or may not have noticed that Pulsar Media is now 100% secure…yup that’s right, we’ve gone SSL. What does this mean? It means […]

How to create a list of custom taxonomies in WordPress

While developing our Quantum theme we came across a particular problem – how to display a drop list menu of a custom taxonomy. We required this functionality for our private members area, in particular a widget that we were developing to organize client files by year. At first we discovered the get_terms function, which is […]

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