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How to add a custom post filter in WordPress

In our latest theme, Pro-Cast, we added several post filter menus throughout our theme to make it easy to filter through native WordPress posts and custom post type posts. For our Pro-Cast theme we created a Reviews post type and a Videos post type and we wanted the end user to be able to filter […]

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How to set a minimum width and height on uploaded images in WordPress

Today we’d like to show you how to apply a prefilter to the native wordpress image uploader function. Ok, lets say you are building a front-end image uploader module for your WordPress website and you want the images to be of certain size such as 300x300px….well this can be done using the wp_handle_upload_prefilter filter. So […]

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Increase site speed with several server compression techniques

WordPress can be a dreadfully slow CMS – anyone who works with WordPress or any CMS system can tell you that. The more code you pack into a theme and the more plug-ins you load will only make things worse. But there are ways to increase the speed of your site by leveraging certain server […]

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How to create a list of custom taxonomies in WordPress

While developing our Quantum theme we came across a particular problem – how to display a drop list menu of a custom taxonomy. We required this functionality for our private members area, in particular a widget that we were developing to organize client files by year. At first we discovered the get_terms function, which is […]

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