Product Changelogs

HOPE V3.1 November 30, 2017

- Updated for WordPress 4.9
- Redux framework updated
- Visual Composer updated to version 5.4.5
- Customizer improvements made (colors now update in real-time and slider inputs have been updated for WP 4.9)
- New Event post type fields added for expanded functionality (Start time, end time and event detail fields)
- Titles on news posts and event posts are now clickable
- Updated translation file
- Minor bugs fixed

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HOPE V3.0.7 – June 27, 2017

- Facebook widget updated
- Twitter widget updated
- Minor CSS bugs fixed
- Child theme now only contains functions.php and style.css files (any customization's required are to be managed by the end user)

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HOPE V3.0.6 – May 15, 2017

- Visual Composer plugin updated to 5.1.1
- Woocommerce updated to version 3.0.4
- Theme now uses default Woocommerce templates - we felt the need to eliminate the dreadful "Outdated Woocommerce template files" notice once and for all.
- Support for the new Woocommerce gallery system has been added for version 3.0
- New event filter added to Events Template (event posts can now be filtered by current and past events)
- New customizer option added under "Post Options" to hide the author name and post date on the single post template
- New Category Slug field added to events widget - can be used to fetch event posts by a specific category
- New customizer option added under "Custom Post Type Options" to hide expired events
- GO text in mobile menu has been relabelled to MENU
- Category template for news posts now displays in a grid format
- New slider options added under "Header Options" to control the background color transparency of the Page title, Page Message and Breadcrumbs container.
- Footer copyright field now supports the target parameter.
- Updated translation file
- Updated child theme

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HOPE V3.0.3 – Feb. 27, 2017

- New post option added to disable the featured image on the single post template
- New event post option added to disable the featured image on the single post template
- Sorting by event date has been fixed for the events template and eventItems shortcode
- New Sort by Event Date option added to the Event Posts element in Visual Composer
- New customizer option added to control the opacity of the main navigation under Appearance -> Customize -> Navigation Options
- Updated child theme

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HOPE V3.0.2 – Feb. 7, 2017

- New Theme Updates section added under Settings -> Theme Updates
- Theme can now be updated directly from the WordPress dashboard upon account verification (a Micro Themes account and a valid license key or purchase code is required)
- Action button, in Feature Box shortcode for Visual Composer, now remains hidden if button text field is empty
- Date output on events fixed for translations
- Secondary Color now gets correctly applied to the event countdown module
- Event Title option for event posts now displays both title and event date on single event post template
- New "vc-featured-borders" class created for Visual Composer rows - this class will add a border running along the top and bottom of the row
- New "Featured Column Borders" color option added under Appearance -> Customize -> Global Options. This option allows you to control the color of the new "vc-featured-borders" CSS class.
- Feature Slider has been renamed to Micro Slider under Hope Options area
- Updated child theme
- Updated translation catalogue

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