Product Changelogs

Quantum v2.0.6 – Dec 4 2017

- Updated for WordPress 4.9
- Redux framework updated
- Visual Composer updated to version 5.4.5
- Customizer improvements made (colors now update in real-time and slider inputs have been updated for WP 4.9)
- New customizer option added to disable the borders on the main navigation
- New customizer option added to control the background opacity of the main navigation
- Updated translation file

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Quantum v2.0.5 – July 4 2017

- Facebook widget updated
- Twitter script updated
- FontAwesome library updated
- Minor bugs fixed
- Child theme now only contains functions.php and style.css files (any customization’s required are to be managed by the end user)
- Updated translation file

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Quantum v2.0.4 – May 19 2017

- Visual Composer updated to version 5.1.1
- Theme now uses default Woocommerce templates - we felt the need to eliminate the dreadful "Outdated Woocommerce template files" notice once and for all.
- Support for the new Woocommerce gallery system has been added for version 3.0
- Updated translation catalogue

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Quantum v2.0.3 – Feb. 7 2017

- New "Theme Updates" section added under Settings -> Theme Updates
- Theme can now be updated directly from the WordPress dashboard upon account verification (Micro Themes account with a valid license key or purchase code required)
- get_currentuserinfo replaced with wp_get_current_user
- Footer mobile navigation fixed
- Minor CSS issues fixed
- Updated translation catalogue

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Quantum v2.0.2 – Dec. 8 2016

- Quantum shortcodes have now been mapped into Visual Composer
- 1-click demo importer support added
- TGM plug-in activation support added
- Minor bugs addressed
- Updated translation file
- Updated WordPress demo files
- Updated documentation
- Updated child theme

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QUANTUM V2.0 – Sep. 26, 2016

Visual composer plug-in updated to latest version
Theme update notification added to WordPress dashboard
Customizer CSS caching integrated for faster page loads
language parameter support added to members navigation
New option added to Woocommerce product post type to disable sharing icons

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QUANTUM V1.9.9 – Sep. 2, 2016

Redux framework updated to latest version
Woocommerce template files updated
Customizer javascript bug fixed for WordPress 4.6
New Google Options tab added under the customizer area which includes an API key field to activate Google services

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QUANTUM V1.9.8 – June 27, 2016

Visual Composer plug-in updated to version 4.12
Woocommerce template files updated for version 2.6.1
Woocommerce cart design updated for new ajax functionality
Redux framework updated to version

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QUANTUM V1.9.7 – May 31, 2016

New customizer option added (under Post Options) to disable the comments icon for news posts and post slider posts
New font options added (under Quantum Options -> Global Fonts) for the Post Slider title and message
Updated translation catalogue
Updated child theme

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