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Github account is now live!

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Micro Themes is now on Github and we’re rocking some free WordPress plug-ins for you guys. Need to create presentations in WordPress? Then grab Premium Presentations. Or maybe you need to sell items or collect donations…then grab Premium PayPal Manager. Or maybe…just maybe….you need to post up some social media posts on your website? then go ahead and grab Easy Social Stream.

We’ve even thrown up an unfinished version of our Vivid Page Builder plug-in for WordPress – it has all the essential building blocks in place. We may get around to wrapping it up soon but in the meantime if any developers out there wanna give us a hand in finishing it then feel free to contribute to the project.

We will be posting up free versions of our themes soon as well so be sure the check periodically for free goodies…cause who doesn’t like free goodies?



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