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500 Internal Server Error

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The first thing you need to know about an “Internal Server Error” is that the error can only be resolved by fixes to the Web server software.

This is a ‘catch-all’ error generated by the Web server. Basically something has gone wrong, but the server can not be more specific about the error condition in its response to the client. In addition to the 500 error notified back to the client, the Web server should generate some kind of internal error log which gives more details of what went wrong.

It is up to the operators of the Web server site to locate and analyze the logs which should give further information about the error.

How do I fix a 500 Internal Server Error?

When you hit an internal server error it usually means some parts of your web server is not configured correctly or the application is trying to do something and the server is failing to carry out the request due to a conflict or restriction. The actual issue is written in the server log that only your hosting provider has access to. So please contact your hosting provider and they will be able to check the server log and find out exactly why it’s giving an “Internal Server Error”.

This is what you can do:

1) Take a look at your server log to take note of the content of this log file
2) Do the action that triggers the 500 error
3) Now check the server log again for the additional content that went in there for this error. That will tell you what is going on and why the server gave this error.

Most of the time an internal server error is caused on the server side but it can also be caused by improper coding in a PHP written application. Since PHP runs on the server side the server is basically throwing a 500 internal server error because it doesn’t like something about the particular code it is trying to execute. Any 500 internal server error should be reported to the hosting company first for feedback on the error report. If the error report indicates that the error is being caused by PHP code then you should proceed to contact the author of your software or plug-in. So if you are using a product by Micro Themes then you can contact us directly for a resolution to your issue.

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