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Theme and Server Issues

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Theme installation issues

There could be a number of reasons as to why your theme or plug-in is not uploading but the most common reason is most likely your maximum upload file size limit. Most shared hosting accounts usually have this value set to 2mb which is rather small. We recommend contacting your hosting provider and submit a request to have the limit increased to at least 20mb – this value should accommodate most WordPress themes and plug-ins available on the market today.

Other issues could include permissions not being set correctly or server side settings such as mod security.

Theme options section is running slow or not loading

Our WordPress themes come packed with many options and because of this it could take a little while to load the Theme Options section. To help make things more efficient we recommend increasing your server memory limit (PHP memory limit) to 128mb – you can contact your hosting provider to inquire about this. You may also want to increase the max_input_vars variable on your server…see the next section below for more info on this.

Redux Options Framework causing an error

The following error could occur on occasion, upon saving your settings, with the Redux options framework:

“There was a problem with your action. Please try again or reload the page”‘

If you receive this error when trying to save your options then that means you have exceeded the amount of input fields allowed by your server. To correct this issue, contact your hosting provider and have them increase the max_input_vars variable in the php.ini file to 2000.

WordPress XML file fails upon import

If you are unable to import any of the XML data files bundled with your theme then try the alternative gzip files instead. All of our WordPress themes come packaged with both XML and gZip formatted demo files. If you can not import either of these formats then please report the issue to us through our support forums or bug report form and report any errors if any are being displayed.

Google fonts are not being applied (applies to HOPE theme only)

If you are running the HOPE charity theme on your website then you will need to load in the “Required CSS” classes provided in the documentation. The classes can also be imported with the optiontree-layout.txt file located in the Setup files folder that comes packaged with the HOPE theme. If, after following these instructions, the fonts are not saved correctly under the Required CSS tab then you are most likely experiencing a permission issue. In this case you will need to access your server via FTP and locate the themes folder (wp-content/themes/Hope-charity-theme) and set the permission value on the dynamic.css file to a value of 644.

Twitter Widget is not working

As of August 26, 2015 all of our themes will now be using the Twitter Post Fetcher plugin in conjunction with the Twitter Widget. You will now need to supply your Twitter Widget ID (previously required API credentials under the theme customizer area) in order to activate your Twitter Feed. You can find more instructions on how to generate a Twitter Widget ID here.

Forms are not working

When setting up your forms be sure to configure the shortcode parameters correctly. Here are some general steps to follow when working with our custom forms:

  1. The email address provided for the recipient_email parameter should not be linked in the visual editor – this will prevent the form from submitting the data
  2. If you have enabled the Google re-captcha option be sure to generate your Google API keys (secret key and site key) and insert them under the theme customizer area
  3. If everything appears to be setup correctly and the form is submitting the data but you are not receiving any emails then there may an issue with your SMTP mail service. We recommend using the Check Email plug-in to test if your SMTP is working correctly with WordPress
How do i obtain my MailChimp Form Action URL?

All of our themes use Mailchimp for newsletter modules and require a valid Form Action URL. If you are not sure how to obtain your Form Action URL then please read through either of the articles listed below:


Your Form Action URL should look similar to this:


Common WordPress Errors

The following errors can occur on servers that are not properly configured for WordPress. You can get in touch with your hosting provider to have the following errors resolved:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function filter_var() in /home/vetmonitor/ on line 742

This error requires that your server configuration has the filter_var extension installed. You can contact your hosting provider to inquire about this.

Fatal error: Class 'DOMDocument' not found in /var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-importer/parsers.php on line 61

This error requires that your server configuration has the DOM extension installed. You can contact your hosting provider to inquire about this.

PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home2/ceomark2/public_html/yuxpress/wp-content/themes/Vienna-theme/ReduxFramework/ReduxCore/inc/scssphp/src/Colors.php on line 13

This error requires that your server has the short_open_tag variable set to OFF and also requires the extension in the php.ini configuration file. You can contact your hosting provider to inquire about this.

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home1/orbitalq/public_html/orbitalq/wp-content/plugins/premium-properties/premium-properties.php on line 37

This error indicates that your server is running an old version of PHP. All of our themes and plugins are programmed for PHP version 5.4 and higher. In order to resolve this error you will need to contact your hosting provider and request your PHP software to be upgraded to at least version 5.5 to ensure all current versions of themes and plug-ins on the digital marketplace are compatible with your server. Your hosting provider should be able to accommodate this request free of charge.

Common Woocommerce Errors

Occasionally we have customers who encounter strange javascript errors upon activating Woocommerce. The most common error we have encountered is the cookie error which can cause your page layout to break apart. If you are experiencing this issue we recommend you download and install the Woocoomcerce jQuery Cookie fix plug-in or contact your hosting provider and ask them to upgrade your mod_security add-on as this issue is caused by an outdated version of mod_security.

Email output on forms displays “WordPress” in the “From” field

As of March 2016 our themes will no longer support HTML headers for native WordPress mail function. Due to SMTP server configurations we’ve had numerous customers complaining about their forms not working and through investigation we’ve found that the main cause of this was due to custom headers being passed into the WordPress mail function we’re being rejected due to SMTP configurations. We now recommend using a third party plug-in to address this issue such as the Change WP Mail plug-in.

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