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Stream all of your awesome posts from the most popular social networks!

Showcase your social media activity with Easy Social Stream and WordPress!

I had the opportunity to purchase this plugin in its pre-release stage and i have to say it simply works amazing.


Nancy K.

Micro Themes Customer

I love the fact that i can load my Youtube videos directly into the social stream. This plugin is just great!



Micro Themes Customer

I have used a few other social stream plugins on the WordPress market but i find this one to be the easiest to use.  Very well done!


David Summers

Micro Themes Customer

How Easy Social Stream works for your site

General Social Stream

If you’re running a personal blog and want to showcase your personal experiences from Instagram or Facebook then easy social stream makes it very easy to display your feed from each of these networks by simply entering your credentials for those two networks only. If you want to showcase more social networks you can do that also.

Video Gallery

Easy Social Stream can also act as a video gallery. We’ve integrated and configured Youtube and Vimeo to display either thumbnails or videos right within your social stream wall.

Photo Gallery

Easy Social Stream makes it very easy to disable all information in your posts. By excluding all data minus the thumbnail you can essentially build a social stream photo gallery for your viewers or customers to enjoy.

Easy to setup and manage your social stream wall

Stream Configurations

Each Social Media stream can be configured individually by simply entering your credentials and enabling the feed. You can also choose which information appears in the feed such as title, date, thumbnail and more.

Global Options

Easy Social Stream comes with 3 pre-defined color modes – Classic, Light and Dark. We’ve also include a custom color option in case you want to change the colors to something that suits your needs. Other options include animation speed, post order, session caching (for faster subsequent loads), fixed width for posts and much more.

Custom CSS

You can further fine tune the look and feel of your social stream with the Custom CSS field option. Just enter your CSS code, press the save button and watch your settings get applied…its that easy.

Which Social networks are currently supported?

Start showcasing social media posts on your website in just minutes!

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