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Powerful presentation creator for developing interactive presentations

Premium Presentations is a powerful tool for creating interactive presentations in WordPress.

Love how easy this application is to use. The intuitive interface and easy drag n drop functionality are just awesome to work with. I will be using this for my next presentation 🙂



CodeCanyon Customer

This is a great product, just what I’ve been after. In fact, it shocked me when I saw it because the functionality suits my needs perfectly and I thought I would have to develop this myself.



CodeCanyon Customer

Micro Themes is quickly becoming one of my favorite sources for awesome WordPress plug-ins…and themes. You guys create outstanding work…well done.



CodeCanyon Customer

How Premium Presentations works for your site


Lets say you have a new laptop product that’s ready to hit the market and you need a way to present it on your site – this is where Premium Presentations steps in giving you the power to create elegant presentations to suit your needs.


You can virtually create any type of presentation you require – whether its product related, a visual presentation or an exhibitor floor plan.


All presentations created through WordPress generate a self-signed shortcode allowing you to copy n paste that shortcode anywhere you desire on your site to display your presentation.

Powerful interactive presentations


Fully Responsive

Create presentations in responsive mode and take your presentations on the go. Don’t need responsiveness? then simply turn it off.


Interactive Markers

What good is a web presentation if its not interactive? With interactive markers viewers can interact with information on a 1 to 1 level through informative tooltips and presentation panels.


Presentation Panels

Need to display more information? Activate the presentation panels to display text, images, videos and google maps.

Easy to create with intuitive drag n’ drop controls


Drag n Drop interface

Presentations are created through a series of panels and markers which are linked together but can be controlled separately. Markers and panels can be organized through easy drag n drop functionality give you tighter control over your presentation.


Flexible settings

We’ve included a ton of flexible options and styling controls allowing you to change the design of each presentation to match your surrounding page.


Easy Duplication

Need to create more than one presentation on a similar setup? We’ve included the option to easily duplicate presentations with the click of a button for faster development.

Start creating awesome presentations in just minutes!

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